Complete keyword research for good SEO

To perform a good keyword research for a website. First you need to know who are your competitors. Sometimes we don’t even know who are our competitors in that case you need to check your competitors then we can easily analyse that which keywords can get the quality of traffic for our website. Here are few tools that will help you to know your competitors or alternate websites.

Top five tools to know the alternate websites

First one is Google auto-suggest. If we search for any keyword say “Best digital marketing institutes”.Google automatically suggest few websites we can take those websites as the competitors and can gather keywords from them
Once we have known our competitors it’ll become easy to suggest keywords for any website

Only select the competitor website whose Alexa rank is between 20 to 50 k

Competitors’ keyword with the help of this tool you can get a complete overview of your competitor’s keywords, total inbound links, and much more. Go to the official website of spyfu and enter the URL of the competitors’ website and click on the search icon. Here you go, the complete overview of your competitors is been displayed here also we get a similar website but the domain authority may differ. though this a paid tool we can go for the organic one. we only want to gather the keywords of the competitors

3.Google keyword planner tool visit the website Google ads, keyword planner. Then click on Discover new ideas, enter your keyword in the search box and you can also enter the domain name in the next box and click on get started. several keyword suggestions will be displayed along with the monthly search volumes, CPC i.e., cost per click. you can select the most relevant keyword.

prepare a sheet either in excel or google sheet and add all these keywords to the sheet. Now, extract the relevant keywords from the list. Here one thing that needs to be considered If you are suggesting keywords for the startups only select the keywords whose monthly search volume is between low to medium. It’ll be easy to rank on these keywords. If you are suggesting keywords for the big and the famous website you can go with the high competition keywords.

How to convert broad keywords into long-tail keywords

Broad keywords are the keywords that have only one or two words and the long-tail keyword starts with three words. It is easier to rank on long-tail keywords. there are various tools with the help of which we can convert broad keywords into long-tail keywords

  1. Uber suggest: here if we type our targeted keyword we can get many suggestions on that particular keyword

2.Keyword This tool also suggests a number of unique keywords

3.SEO book: This tool gives complete information about the keywords like CPC search volume etc

4. Semrush: In this tool, we get the monthly searches of our keywords

5. Raven: go to this tool and on the left side panel click on research central type the URL of the website. This tool gives a complete analysis

  1. Google auto-suggest: As I discussed earlier, About google auto-suggest.The same thing applies here for doing a keyword research
Up to now, you might have got hundreds of keywords. Filter 20-30 keywords from the list and add those keywords to your website.

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